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Mix of Feelings

Well hey there! I didn’t post last week, and that may seem odd as I do feel like I was gaining momentum here, but last week was a big week for feelings.  The two big things I talked about in my last post - Greg’s health and the big event at work, took up my… Continue reading Mix of Feelings

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Journal Post 4 – 2022

Well, hello April! It might still be chilly outside, but we’re in the midst of my favorite time of year! I love the chill in the air with the warm sun approaching, life coming back with green growing, birds singing, and rain falling to nourish all of it. My ceiling might be leaking….. but that’s… Continue reading Journal Post 4 – 2022

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Journal Post 2 – 2022

Wowza! Hello! Well, this year hasn’t started off quite how I thought it would. Not to say its been bad, but, unexpected. Today is March 4th. That means two months have already blown by, and I haven’t spent time doing much of what I thought I would.  “I thought”. That’s already come up a few… Continue reading Journal Post 2 – 2022