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Getting Hydrated!

Good morning! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are starting this week refreshed and ready to go!  The weekend was the first of a summer of weekends full of socializing and events. It was so great to see so many people, but I’m noticing today that I’m going to have to… Continue reading Getting Hydrated!


30s in Covid, 30s in Life

Hey there hi there!  Well, 4 days from when this is posted is my 32nd birthday! This is a bit weird to get into, because while in a general sense I’m loving my 30s, its also been the hardest time of my life.  My 30th birthday, March 20, 2020, was the first official day of… Continue reading 30s in Covid, 30s in Life


That’s A Wrap on 2021

Hey there hi there! As 2021 comes to a close, I’m starting to think a lot about what I want 2022 to look like. I don’t like committing to resolutions each year, but I do want to work towards a few things, and, yes, complete a couple challenges 🙂  One BIG thing I want to… Continue reading That’s A Wrap on 2021


Hydration Crash Course

Hey there hi there!  (That’s Midwestern for hi!) Today’s topic is something that I’m focusing A LOT on recently, and after just a few days I’m already seeing some benefits. That thing is - hydration! Yes, water. A whole post about water. I’ve learned a lot about what water actually does for our bodies, and… Continue reading Hydration Crash Course