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Acknowledging Anxiety

Anxiety is something that I have been paying attention to within myself a lot recently, and am also realizing how extremely common it is to be living on some plane of anxiety. I know I’ve had it for years, but its always felt like something I was able to manage, and nip in the bud.… Continue reading Acknowledging Anxiety

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Journal Post 1 – 2022

Hey there! Well, one could say I’ve dropped the ball on this space for January 2022, but its only the 19th, and there’s never a bad time to start, right? It turns out that I was hired during the “down time” for the training team, which I have no complaints about, but has made building… Continue reading Journal Post 1 – 2022


What is Roaming With Purpose?

Yes, an “about me” page is on the way (lol), but I feel like this question is so much bigger than a couple paragraphs! This post just has to be.  I started Roaming With Purpose in March 2017. I turned 27 this month, and it was a time of lots of changes that all orbited… Continue reading What is Roaming With Purpose?


Hydration Crash Course

Hey there hi there!  (That’s Midwestern for hi!) Today’s topic is something that I’m focusing A LOT on recently, and after just a few days I’m already seeing some benefits. That thing is - hydration! Yes, water. A whole post about water. I’ve learned a lot about what water actually does for our bodies, and… Continue reading Hydration Crash Course


Oracle Deck & My Dharma

Good morning (or whatever time of day it is when you’re here)!  I have mentioned in my last post, as well as on my social media accounts, that in the last couple of months I have started diving into my dharma (my soul’s purpose), and all that goes with this spiritual mindset.  Your dharma is… Continue reading Oracle Deck & My Dharma


The Start

Dear followers/friends/my people, Ok, please don’t freak out. I did a thing.  I DELETED EVERYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE.  I know. You probably think I’m crazy, right?  Maybe I am, but let’s talk about this.  In my last couple posts, I talked about my understanding that Covid and quarantine had affected me much more than I… Continue reading The Start